Andra Generationen on Paaspop Festival in Holland





Welcome to Paaspop 2015!

The First festival of the Dutch festival season! Paaspop is an annual music and performing arts festival, taking place from 3-5 April in Schijndel on the Molenheide Estate. No matter what type of music you like, Paaspop has it all. There are 12 different stages, offering anything from rock to hiphop, house to theatre and pop to metal. Apart from that there’s an incredible amount of other cool things to experience. With 50,000 visitors and more than 175 acts every edition is an incredible party.

We have released our own wine!

Wine Red Label FrontVin Affisch 50x70 Tryck  
The best wine in the world!!! Made in Macedonia only for you!

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New single out now – Jingle Raka Christmas Dance

Jingle Raka Christmas Dance

Andra Generationen proudly presents the Jingle Raka Christmas Dance song.
Lets dance together all over the world.
We wish you a merry christmas!


Download the song for free here below!

Jingle Raka Christmas dance master 12-14-2014   (Right click and save as)


Welcome to my Sweden

Our new single and music video Welcome to my Sweden released on 17 of june 2014.
Check it out on our Youtube channel: